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Photo: LM Staff
Jeffrey Scott's Summer Growth Summit: How to stay nimble
Jeffrey Scott’s Summer Growth Summit encouraged more than 150 attendees to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit and keep up with the changing landscape.
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Three injured in explosion at Ruppert Landscape
A propane explosion at Ruppert Landscape in Laytonsville, Md., on Sept. 7 injured three people, as reported by Bethesda Magazine.
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  Photo: Brian Bohannon Photography
Don’t miss out on GIE+EXPO early bird prices
GIE+EXPO’s early bird registration for the Oct. 20-22 event at the Kentucky Exposition Center closes tonight. Register now for only $20 through Sept. 9.
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Missouri-based All-n-One Outdoor Solutions buys local competitor
Jefferson City, Mo.-based landscaping company All-n-One Outdoor Solutions has purchased A Greener Tomorrow Landscaping, serving the same region.
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Survey of 300+ landscapers reveals current buying trends
A recent survey found that landscapers are shopping online more and are using multiple distributors to find the best deals and highest product availability.
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Photo: Lyle Buss, University of Florida
Fall armyworms destroying lawns from Illinois to Connecticut
Turf-killing fall armyworms are hitting areas of the Midwest and Northeast not used to seeing the Southern pest.
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Photo: Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture,
Quali-Pro’s Bifen I/T approved for spotted lanternfly control
Quali-Pro's insecticide received Section 2(ee) exemption for use in applications to control the invasive spotted lanternfly in select states.
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Robin Autopilot’s launches new fleet management platform
Robin Autopilot's new Fleet Console platform allows lawn care providers to manage robotic mower fleets and integrate into different platforms.
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Photo: Parker
Parker launches service kits for hydraulic transmissions
Parker's hydraulic transmission service kits can extend the service life of HTE, HTJ and HTG mower transmissions.
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Photo: Marvin Shaouni
Small equipment for big jobs
Smaller design-build and installation equipment makes it easier to work on existing home landscapes, but expect lower productivity and higher maintenance frequency.
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 Photo: Munro
Munro intros low-horsepower pump station
Munro's low-horsepower Simplicity 3-hp and 5-hp pump station fills a niche for smaller commercial and residential irrigation systems.
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Screencap: LM Staff
Grow with Grunder: Take your daily board digital
Marty Grunder, president and CEO of the Grow Group and Grunder Landscaping Co., is joined by Dalton Yates, director of production operations at Grunder Landscaping Co., as he describes the benefits of taking the company's daily job board digital.
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Insights from LM's editors and landscape industry leaders
Photo: cagkansayin / iStock / Getty Images / Getty Images Plus
Why it’s time to get back in the game
Columnist Phil Harwood explains why it’s the perfect time to update your strategic plan, clarify goals for next year and develop budgets.
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How to save time with scheduling
Lawn care experts share the importance of scheduling when it comes to lawn care companies' crews, clients and the bottom line.
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Contractors share their handheld equipment must-haves
Landscape professionals share the handheld equipment they use every day and wouldn’t dream of starting a job without.
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LM August 2021 Photo: Marvin Shaouni
Graphic: Jeffrey Scott
Jeffrey Scott, Mike Haynes on fast growing landscape companies
Jeffrey Scott and Mike Haynes discuss what’s unique about super-fast-growing firms. Haynes also speaks on his passion for giving back profits to his employees and communities, his “loose-tight” approach to building branches and more.
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