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DECEMBER 30, 2020
Editor's Note:
We, the LM editors, put our heads together to compile this list of the most influential feature stories of 2020. We hope you find these lessons helpful and can use them in the coming year. Wishing you good fortune and success in 2021!
Photo: Marat Musabirov/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images
2020 LM150: Biggest year ever
Up a whopping 12 percent from 2018, the final year of the decade set another revenue record by breaking the $12 billion mark.
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Photo: Brian Bohannon Photography
An (imaginary) GIE+EXPO to remember
The Landscape Management editorial team described the booth visits they would've had with product manufacturers had GIE+EXPO 2020 happened in person.
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Photo: Virginia Green Lawn Care
Virginia Green Lawn Care is in growth mode
A look at how Virginia Green Lawn Care, a lawn care company in Richmond, Va., is scaling to grow its business with several strategic moves.
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Photo: Kubota
Mow money: 3 maintenance companies explain how they've overcome the labor problem
Three landscape companies look to mowing technology to combat their labor problems, get more efficient and grow their maintenance operations.
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turf+ornamental ↴    
Photo: Omaha Organics
Let's talk about grubs
Two lawn care operators from Emerald Lawns and Omaha Organics discuss the strategies they use to identify and effectively control grubs.
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mowing+maintenance ↴    
Photo: Peco
A clean sweep: Fall cleanup advice
Experts from Leaf Burrito, Peco, Kioti and Billy Goat offer up a few do's and don'ts when it comes to performing fall cleanups.
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design/build+installation ↴    
Photo: JCB North America
Experts' Tips: Trenchers
Experts from Case Construction Equipment, Little Beaver, JCB North America and Vermeer weigh in on choosing the appropriate trencher.
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irrigation+water management ↴    
Photo: Pacific Coast Land Design
Water World: LEED the way
The photos and backstory behind the irrigation design of a housing complex by Pacific Coast Land Design in Ventura, Calif.
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Insights from LM's editors and landscape industry leaders
Image: Jeffrey Scott
Profit Power: Leveraging technology to grow your landscape business
Technology has become an important part of many industries, including the landscaping industry. LM columnist Jeffrey Scott shares how to use tech to grow your business.
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Image: Marty Grunder
Grow with Grunder: How do you exceed expectations?
In 36 years of business for Grunder Landscaping Co., how does the company keep exceeding expectations? President of the company, Marty Grunder, shares how simple it can be for anyone in the landscaping industry to exceed expectations.
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10 tips for selling your business in 2021
Whether you’re ready to sell your business or just thinking about it, we’re counting down the tips to help prepare for the sale.
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New battery-powered equipment in town
A look at the battery-powered equipment from Mulch Mate, Jacto and Mean Green that’s recently made its way into the green industry.
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December 2020 Cover (Photo: Jeff Robinson Photography)