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Editor's note
We, the LM editors, put our heads together to compile this list of the most influential feature stories of 2018. We hope you find these lessons useful and can use them in the coming year. Wishing you good fortune and success in 2019!
Photo: LM staff LM150
Get inspired by the stories of growth and determination shown by some of the top companies in our annual LM150 list of the largest landscape companies. Check out the full special section for company profiles, insights and the entire list. >>More
2019 Business Planner
Get a running start in the new year with these expert tips on how you can compete in today's market, regardless of size. >>More
Photos (From left): SiteOne Landscape Supply, J. Barker Landscaping Co., NALP/Philippe Nobile Photography and PBI-Gordon Corp. 2018 Industry Pulse: Landscape pros report business is strong
Despite a tight labor market, landscape pros report healthy business conditions. Check out our annual data-filled Industry Pulse report to learn more. >>More
Image: iStock.com/Fotonen Show me the money: A look at incentive programs
Are you considering implementing an incentive program this year? Before you do anything, take a look at how these three companies have found success offering commission, bonus and incentive programs. >>More
Photo provided by Quartix 2019 Buyer’s Guide To Vehicle Tracking — Free Download
The right tracking system won’t just tell you where your vehicles are, it will provide information that is directly relevant to your business operations. Download the Buyer’s Guide To Vehicle Tracking and choose the best system for your business.
Download Free Guide
Photo: Serpico Landscaping Making the most of
a labor force

Serpico Landscaping is taking a different approach to the workforce shortage by reallocating labor from low-margin accounts to more profitable work. Check out the full story. >>More
The ultimate mission
When Mike Haynes began mowing his neighbors’ lawns in middle school, he didn’t exactly have a passion for cutting grass. Fast-forward 20 years and Haynes will tell you that, today, passion is the main driver behind nearly every aspect of his landscape company, Loving. Learn about some of the tactics Haynes uses to run his $35-million organization. >>More
Photo: Blue Jay Sprinkler Systems Making a splash
When Bruce Lively founded Blue Jay Lawn Care in 1982, offering irrigation services was not even on his radar. Find out how adding these services contributed to a 275 percent increase in company growth over six years. >>More
ON THE RECORD Insights from LM's editors and landscape industry leaders
Photo: iStock.com/Evgenii_Bobrov High Performance: The ultimate recruiting method
To start off your year on the right foot, Phil Harwood explains the best way to recruit good people. >>More
December 2018 Cover (Clockwise from top left): SiteOne Landscape Supply, J. Barker Landscaping Co., PBI-Gordon Corp. and NALP/Philippe Nobile Photography) >Prep your family biz for the next gen

>SafetyWatch: Plan for plowing

>Efficiency Tip: Fuel marker