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FROM 2017
Featured Image 3 keys to growth for GreenEarth
In August, we shared the story of GreenEarth Landscape Services and how a focus on culture, communications and key metrics will help owners Jeremy Durgan and Shawn Knight with their 10-year goal of expanding to 16 branches between Florida and Alabama. >>More
Balancing culture and strategy
Your company is like a sports car. It needs a set of balanced tires to maintain traction around sharp corners at fast speeds. The same goes for your company. If you want to win the race, make sure your strategy addresses these five points presented by Jeffrey Scott, with buy-in from all your employees. >>More
Featured Image Risk vs. reward
You might picture a debt-free company to be driving around old trucks, running beat-up equipment or falling behind the technology curve, but that’s not the case for Lawn Butler. Take a look behind the curtain of this company to find out how it leverages its conservative, debt-free philosophy for steady growth. >>More
Cub Cadet No more downtime for
spindle maintenance

The heavy-duty spindle assemblies on the PRO Z™ Series zero-turn mowers are designed to take more impact from professionals. The ball bearings are sealed, which means they’re maintenance-free. Less downtime means more time tackling tough jobs.
Learn more and explore the lineup at
Featured Image Why some companies are turning to Puerto Rico for labor
Back in April, we took a hard look at an alternative solution to the labor crisis. Read the full story to find out why—and how—some landscape companies are recruiting workers from Puerto Rico. >>More
Design an effective compensation plan
In this lesson learned from the 2017 employee compensation survey, Daniel Gordon identified four key elements of a successful compensation arrangement. >>More
Featured Image Inside Canopy Lawn Care
With a tech startup approach, Canopy seeks to shake up the residential landscape maintenance industry with a national brand. >>More
WATCH: Canopy’s director of operations explains how tech drives the business >>Watch all the Canopy Lawn Care videos here
GPS Insight Lower Your Costs On Labor, Fuel and Maintenance
The top three fleet related concerns for service businesses are labor costs, fuel costs, and vehicle maintenance. This article explores these top three challenges and identifies how service businesses, like yours, are overcoming them to maximize overall efficiency.
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10 ways to guarantee your best workers quit
In this twist on a classic human resources dilemma, our hiring and retention guru Mel Kleiman shares the top 10 things you could do that would make your best employees quit, as well as the opposite actions that will keep your star employees around. >>More
Salute to service: How GreenCare for Troops is giving back to military families in need
Since GreenCare for Troops launched in 2006, more than 11,000 military families and disabled veterans nationwide have registered to receive services. >>More
NALP Kawasaki FT Engine—A Higher Cut Above
The new FT730V–EFI engine combines the latest in EFI technology with Vortical air filtration for superior debris management. Kawasaki's newest engine is purpose-built for commercial use. Two things define this engine: proven EFI, featuring our own integrated eGov system, and Vortical air filtration for cleaner, longer lasting and more consistent power.
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Featured Image Double duty
For our November issue, we shared the story of Luke Scott and Larkin Scott III. In 2015 the two found out they would both be deployed, leaving their employees and mother to run their company. Check out the full story to find out what you can learn from a landscape company that survived the year both of its owners were away. >>More
LM150: How we got started
Think back to your humble beginnings. The starry-eyed days where you had nothing but a mower and a dream. There are many reasons the leaders from LM150 list companies may be different from the average landscape company—scale, scope and sometimes just pure luck. But a modest beginning is not one of them. >>More